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And now, the end is near...

... and so AutoInsult faces the final curtain.

AutoInsult as a Windows application and a website is closing its doors after 17 (yes, seventeen) years.

The landscape of development has changed enormously since I released the first version in May 1998. The World Wide Web was in its infancy, few people were on the internet, and Windows applications were king. Things are so different now, with Windows not the only platform and people increasingly expecting silly little things like Autoinsult to be an app for their smartphone. And I have no interest in developing one (or, rather, three - it would need iOS, Android and Windows versions).

The web hosting for this website is due for renewal on 25-Jul-2015 and I do not intend to renew it. However, webinsult will live on for as long as I have at least one web hosting account, as a sub-domain of it, and you will always be able to get straight there with the URL of and as I intend to retain those domain names.

For now, you can get to WebInsult by clicking this link or by using the menus.

The traditonal Windows-only AutoInsult will cease to be available from 25-Jul-2015 when this website closes.


Thanks for your support. It's been a fun 17 years.

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